October 23, 2019
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Professional or DIY

We have DIY kits that are specially designed for people who want easy and quick surveillance solutions. The systems still come with advanced features such as motion detection and night features. However, they are easy to understand and install. Most of these cameras use the CMOS image sensors hence using less power than the CCD sensors.

If you need a higher level of security, you should go for a more advanced professional system. These systems have bigger cameras and higher night vision capabilities. The gadgets also come with heavy-duty metallic housing making them appropriate for businesses that are in high crime areas. The cameras use CCD image sensors to provide high-quality video footage than the CMOS. This feature helps in identifying the suspects that are caught on cameras. The other element is picture enhancement and correction, inbuilt heaters, wipers, and pan/tilt/zoom.

Outdoor and Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras are cheaper than outdoor ones because they are not weatherproof. The cameras are appropriate for covert, indoor, and child monitoring surveillance. You can install outdoor cameras either indoors or outside. However, make sure that it is protected against the weather elements. The cameras are useful in monitoring the property of the company or home like the main entrances, pool, ad driveway. You could also monitor the sites that are around your business such as entrances, areas that are subject to vandalism, and parking lots.

White and Black Color

Monochrome or black and white cameras offer low-cost surveillance services to businesses and homes. These images are best in low-light settings such as outdoor night time surveillance and restaurants. However, a retail store should have at least one color camera to monitor the areas where transactions of money take place and other positive locations that require the positive identification of suspects. You may need to observe the color of hair, and clothes and you will get better images in well-lit areas.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless Video Surveillance Security System offers a high level of flexibility and freedom. It is easy to install them, and you can monitor anywhere within the wireless range. Most of these wireless gadgets use 2.4GHz or 900MHz frequencies that pass through the walls and provide a superior variety. If you suspect that there is theft in an environment that is not controlled, you can move the camera to that location without the incontinences that come with having to run wires. Wired systems will cost you less and are good for 24-hour surveillance in commercial places. Radio signals don’t affect these systems and hence are clear and consistent in video footage. These systems are the best if you are planning to record for extended periods.

Recording of Live Feed

The decision on the above two elements depends on the application. Recording may not be a necessity for the patient or child monitoring. Live feed is critical because it allows you to respond to the situation promptly. However, footage recording is highly recommended for business surveillance. Most systems have video output connectors that allow the system to record all the happenings. You can use this as evidence at a future date.