October 23, 2019
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There is a lot of excitement that comes with a new year, including the Super Bowl and football games. This year, kick your tailgate party up a notch with some pool additions and essential backyard items for the best tailgate your buddies have ever been to. Talk to your Atlanta pool builder today about some of the following changes you can make to your pool and backyard in time for game time:

Different Seating Options

Some of your guests may just be there to socialize and hang out with friends, and eat great food, but others may be there to watch the game. Be sure you have a mix of pool floats for people who prefer to watch from the pool as well as lawn chairs for those who prefer to sit on the grass and watch the game. Put your TV out on the patio or better yet, install a large projector outside so people aren’t walking in and out of the house.

Have Some Lawn and Pool Games

You’ll need something for people to do when they’re not watching the game or if they need a break, so have some lawn games out for people to play between quarters or during timeouts. Cornhole and volleyball are great choices for the lawn. Have some basketballs and footballs ready too. Again, use this opportunity to take full advantage of your pool. Give guests pool floats as they arrive so they can lounge on the pool while they watch the game or cool off if a referee makes a bad call or the party gets heated.

Find Some Good Recipes

From drinks, desserts, to appetizers, one of the best things about watching the game at a Super Bowl party is the food. Look around online for some great recipes for cocktails, desserts, and dips that will blow your guests’ minds.

Another thing you may want to consider for your Super Bowl party is buffet style bars, such as a potato bar, taco bar, or a hot dog bar. This doesn’t require a set recipe and people can have as much as they want of the toppings they want. Throw in a cocktail bar where people can mix their own drinks or take shots, and your food table is all set. This year, make sure your house is the one all your neighbors and friends flock to with these perfect tailgate party ideas. And don’t forget to get your pool cleaned and maintained so it’s ready to go. Call Hilltop Pools and Spas today to find out why they should be your Atlanta pool builder of choice and to make sure your swimming pool is ready to go.