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If you own firearms, chances are you do own or are considering owning a firearm safe. There are a lot of reasons to own one and very few reasons not to own one. If you looking for a firearm safe for sale in Houston and are on the fence as to whether it is a good investment, here are a few reasons “why” that trump just about all reasons “why not.”


The most obvious reason is safety. A locked up firearm is a firearm that will not hurt anyone. Without a safe, firearms can be misplaced and misused, occasionally resulting in tragedy. This is particularly true if you have young children around who might find firearms “cool,” but are too young to realize that misused they are very dangerous.

The Law

There are usually numerous laws that govern how firearms are owned and managed. 25 states have laws that require firearms to be locked up to prevent access to children. Other states have laws regarding criminal liability if a firearm is left unattended and used in a crime. Many have firearm locking device laws and one way to get around that is to have them locked up in a safe. The penalties for noncompliance vary state to state, but in some circumstances, the penalties are criminal.


Many insurance policies have clauses that mandate where and how a firearm can be stored to gain coverage, what type of damage is covered or how much liability can be paid out as a result of a loss of a firearm or firearm collection. Not following these contracts can result in the insurance company not covering part of or the entire policy. Those coverage limitations can also apply to firearm accouterments, like specialized stocks, magazines or scopes. With many policies, you also should keep receipts for the firearms and any work done on them in the firearm safe. After you find a safe for sale and make a purchase, you will also want to insure the safe and keep a receipt of the purchase in a safe place.

Some types of policies may even have a rider that covers firearms of a certain type or value. For some expensive firearms, a separate rider might be required to limit liability on the part of the insurance company. A safe is one way of protecting that investment and never having to fight with the insurance company to get reimbursed in the event of a loss.

Finally, as you look for a gun safe for sale Houston, consider the liability issue. If all the other reasons do not add up to you, ensuring your weapons are not used in a crime should. The best way of ensuring that is to keep them locked up.