October 23, 2019
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It’s a fact of life that, as you age, your mobility decreases. Stairs become hazards, surfaces become more slippery. But a loss of mobility isn’t always confined to the elderly. Illness or surgery can cause what you used to take for granted to become a health hazard. While most falls take place outside the home, the most hazardous place within the home is the bathroom. A combination of water, soap, and tight quarters fill this room with problems. Since 1/3 of all adults will fall each year, now is the time to consider a change. Instead of moving to a home with fewer obstacles to overcome, you should consider a few renovations to make your life easier in your current home. One of these renovations might be to install a bathtub and shower combo. 

Why Is a Bathtub/Shower Combo a Good Idea?

This type of bath offers you the best of both worlds. There’s a heated seat and a quick-fill valve so you can enjoy a spa-like experience of surrounding yourself in a heated tub with jets to soothe your aching muscles. The jets not only stimulate your muscles, but they nourish the skin, leaving it soft and silky. If you prefer the convenience of a shower, the dual heads give you that flexibility. The low point of entry means less of a hazard in entering and leaving the tub area, so there’s no risk of stubbing your toe or losing your balance as you step over the barrier of a standard tub. Handrails are built into the unit, providing security and stability. An anti-scald valve means you can’t accidentally turn the water too hot, and a quick release of water means you won’t spend time shivering while waiting for the tub to drain before you can exit. Make certain the door to the unit opens in, since bathroom space is at a premium in most homes. 

What to Look For

You want to make certain your unit is made from acrylic but has a gel coating to provide years of reliability. Check to make sure the unit has undergone rigorous testing and carries a lifetime warranty. Visit a couple different dealers to get the best price. You also want to purchase the unit from a company who can professionally install it for you. These are all things to ponder when deciding on a bathtub and shower combo.